Here’s Why Netizens Can’t Stop Raving About ITZY’s Flawless Figures

The whole group is getting attention! 😍

Recently, ITZY is impressing netizens with their thin and fit physiques.

ITZY’s Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna | Naver
| Naver

However, it’s not just a few members: Every member is noted for having a “wannabe” body!

According to netizens, the members appear slender yet strong, giving the impression of building a strong body from dancing.

“How do they have Barbie bodies but look toned?,” a netizen writes, amazed by not only the members small size but also their fitness.


With thin waists and curvier hips, some things can only be achieved with amazing genetics!

Netizens noted Ryujin‘s stunning curves…

…as well as Lia‘s angular shoulders.

A netizen even referred to Yuna‘s waistline is referred to as a “national treasure,” pointing out her insane proportions…

…as well as Chaeryeong and Yeji who are known for their slim and fit bodies from dancing.


From visuals to talent, ITZY is the whole package!

| Naver
Source: Nate Pann