ITZY Open Up About What Kind Of Concept They’d Love To Try In The Future

ITZY already have a concept in mind:

ITZY revealed their thoughts on five different topics during a recent five-part interview with Buzzfeed K-Pop. Among those topics, ITZY opened up about which kind of concept they would love to try in the future.

Image: @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Since their debut, ITZY have been absolutely crushing the girl crush concept. When asked what kind of concept they would like to try in the future, Yuna first wanted to clarify that they absolutely love their current concept.

We love our concept and ITZY’s color but…

— Yuna

While they love it, however, they also want to try something different too! Something that’s a little darker and wilder!

If there is a chance, we will try a more dark and wild concept.

— Yuna

After Yuna revealed a darker and wilder concept is something they’d like to try, her members confirmed the dark and wild concept.

Wild concept!

— Lia

What do you think about a dark and wild concept for ITZY?