ITZY Reveal Some Of Park Jin Young’s Reactions From When They Were Recording Their “Guess Who” Album

Ryujin was a little “upset.”

In a recent Twitter Blueroom Live, ITZY revealed some of Park Jin Young‘s reactions from when they were recording their Guess Who album.

ITZY’s Yuna

Park Jin Young is the head of ITZY’s company (JYP Entertainment) and was the producer of Guess Who‘s title track, “Mafia in the Morning.”

Park Jin Young

During the live broadcast, the members were asked to share some episodes from recording the album. Yuna shared that Park Jin Young clapped after she recorded her part!

Our PD-nim (Park Jin Young), I can’t forget his face. He was so touched after I was done, and he was clapping for me. I did it like I was acting and not singing, and he saw me, and when I came out, I was really moved.

— Yuna

| ITZY/YouTube

Ryujin shared that when she was recording her part for “Mafia in the Morning,” Park Jin Young told her, “It’s not bad. It’s better than I thought.” Ryujin was a little surprised when Park Jin Young said this, and she thought to herself, “So, how did he think (I would do)?” While Ryujin was a little upset at the time, she felt relieved after the recording.

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Yeji had a similar experience to Yuna, as Park Jin Young told her to “act like a fox” when recording her part, and Yeji pulled it off and received compliments.

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Here’s the full video below!