ITZY Realized How Tough Their “Wannabe” Choreography Really Is When They Tried Picking Their Hardest Move

“It feels like I’ve gone through a PT session.”

Whenever idols release a new song, everyone is always curious to know which part of their choreography is the toughest. While idols normally have no problem picking out one or two moves that were particularly difficult, when ITZY tried to figure out what the hardest move of “Wannabe” was…well…they soon realized how tough their choreography really is!

During a behind-the-scenes segment with M! Countdown, ITZY watched their performance from the show while revealing hidden stories from their M! Countdown performance and more.

While MIDZY already know just how powerful their performances of “Wannabe” are, when ITZY sat down to watch the video they soon found that out for themselves!

It shows how powerful our choreography is.

— Yeji

After taking in some of their powerful performance, Yeji couldn’t resist posing a question to her members. Wondering aloud, Yeji wanted to know which part of the choreography was the toughest. After thinking it over for a few moments, Chaeryeong had an answer — all of it!

I would say from the intro…to the end!

— Chaeryeong

As soon as Chaeryeong stated her opinion, all of the members couldn’t help agreeing with her! And once they’d agreed that there wasn’t just one tough part, Ryujin couldn’t help comparing their choreography to an intense workout session!

After I dance to ‘Wannabe’ once, it feels like I’ve gone through a PT (Personal Training) session. Upper body workout, full-body workout, and squats! It’s exhausting!

— Ryujin

Despite being their toughest choreography yet, ITZY always crush it every single one of their performances! See what other hidden stories they revealed in the video below: