ITZY Ryujin’s Inner Potterhead Jumped Out When Lia Almost “Cursed” MIDZY During A Live

Ryujin was in full Potterhead mode during their live:

As the certified Potterhead of ITZY, Ryujin was in her element during ITZY’s recent Harry Potter themed livestream. Decked out in her Gryffindor robes and with a wand in hand, Ryujin was 100% ready to help MIDZY cast any spells they needed and defend them against any curses that might come their way including one that almost happened because of Lia!


At the end of the broadcast, Ryujin wanted to make the ending even more fun by casting a spell for MIDZY. While she wanted to lift MIDZY’s spirits so she suggested casting “wingardium leviosa” the levitation spell.


After walking her members through the correct wand movements and pronunciation, Ryujin was ready for them to get their magic on but Lia had one question for her before they started.


Lia wanted to know why they simply couldn’t say “abracadabra” (아브라카다브라) which sounds a lot like the infamous killing curse “avada kedavra” (아바다 케다브라) in Korean.

Why can’t we just do abracadabra?

— Lia


Hearing Lia’s suggestion, however, Ryujin went full Potterhead and made sure that MIDZY would not end up accidentally cursed!

That’s the death spell!

— Ryujin


Although Lia had no intention of “cursing” MIDZY at all, it’s still good that Ryujin and her Potterhead instincts were there to stop any potential accidents! Check out the full Potterhead moment in the video below starting around the 12-minute and 20-second mark: