ITZY’s Ryujin Reveals Which Member She Thinks Most Fits Their “Mafia In The Morning” Concept

They all look amazing!

ITZY recently participated in a fun interview where they drew their dream vacation spot while answering some intriguing questions.

When Ryujin‘s turn to sit down in the chair came around, the members asked her some interesting questions. Yeji asked, “Which member fits the new concept the most?

Since all five members are clearly gorgeous in their latest “Mafia In The Morning” concept, Ryujin hesitated with her answer and claimed, “It’s a tough question.

Despite the hesitation, Ryujin stated, “Oh, I have one!” and chose Lia as the member who best fits their new concept.

Ryujin explained she picked Lia due to how strong she looked with the concept! Ryujin shared that after Lia boasted about how powerful she looked, she was able to recognize it too.

Lia was bragging about her concept. She was happy that she looked mean and strong. So I looked it up and she really did look mean and strong.

— Ryujin

Although she became a bit shy after Ryujin’s words, she adorably demonstrated her “Mean and strong” look for MIDZYs!

Check out the video below: