Netizens Compare ITZY Ryujin’s Shoulder Dance To A Choreographer And Are Shook By The Results

This is insane! 😱

Ryujin‘s shoulder dance during ITZY‘s song “WANNABE” is known as an iconic piece of choreography.

Many idols have attempted the memorable move, from TWICE‘s Sana and Momo

…to ASTRO‘s Moonbin! The catchy move is fun to perform for dancers and is just as fun to watch for fans.

Ryujin makes the move look super easy when she slows it down and explains it to fans.

However, she really makes it look easy when she shows just how good she is next to a choreographer!

Placing Ryujin’s dance (right) side-by-side with professional dancer and choreographer YGX’s Rijung (left), you can see just how similar Ryujin’s dance style is to a professional.

The clean and crisp movements show how talented Ryujin is as a dancer. Netizens couldn’t help but acknowledge her skills.

  • “Wow Ryujin, she did so well.”
  • “Rijung is the best, Ryujin is the best, both are amazing”
  • “I think this is my first time seeing a choreographer and a singer dance so alike. Since dancers dance better than idols, the dance between dancers and idols is so different”

There’s nothing Ryujin can’t do!

Source: Instiz