ITZY’s Ryujin Explains How Yuna Changed The Group For The Better After She Was Added

Yuna was touched by her words ❤️

ITZY‘s Ryujin touched fans’ hearts—and Yuna‘s—when she expressed her gratitude to Yuna in a recent episode of 2TZY: Hello 2021!

In the video, Ryujin praised Yuna for raising the group’s morale with her positive outlook in life. She inadvertently boosts the confidence of everyone around her because of her own confidence: “I think I’ve told you many times, right? Your confidence makes the others’ confidence go up as well. It’s a very good confidence.”

The four members are especially hard on themselves, so there used to be an intense mood around them before Yuna was added to the group.

I can’t imagine how the mood was like when it was just us four. All four of us are kind of hard on ourselves.

— Ryujin

Yuna’s presence, however, was enough to change the entire mood: “After you joined our group, you brought so much change.

She would often be heard saying positive things like, “Our team is so cool when we do this” and “Our team is so good at this.

It was through these words that Ryujin’s self-esteem rose. She now can’t imagine ITZY without Yuna!

You say those things, and it makes my self-esteem go up, too. Every time I see that, I think, ‘We really need Yuna in our team.

— Ryujin

Yuna looked so touched by Ryujin’s words that Ryujin jokingly asked her if she was about to cry.

Ryujin concluded by sincerely thanking Yuna for everything: “So I always thank you.

Catch more of Ryujin and Yuna in the full video below.

Source: ITZY