ITZY Shares Comforting Advice On How To Deal With Heartbreak

Nobody likes heartbreak!

Everyone goes through heartbreak at one point in their lives, but don’t worry! ITZY has some great advice on how to get over them!

In a recent interview with Seventeen, the members of ITZY shared the best way they deal with heartbreak. Ryujin shared first and revealed her best method to recover from a broken heart is to just let it be: “I just let it break. And I think this too shall pass.

Lia agreed with Ryujin that the pain from heartbreak will go away over time on its own. Lia added, “Yea that’s what I say. This is all gonna pass eventually.”

Chaeryeong stated that she just lets herself take in the sadness she’s feeling at that moment.

Following Chaeryeong‘s words, Ryujin claimed that allowing yourself to feel the heartbreak at the time allows you to heal and eventually move on.

The group’s maknae Yuna summarized everyone’s answers into one simple response and shared, “Time is medicine.”

Check out ITZY’s interview with Seventeen below”