ITZY Tested Out Who The Most Flexible Member Is, And Chaeryeong Couldn’t Believe Her Results

Even her members were surprised.

The members of ITZY are incredible dancers, but their flexibility levels aren’t all the same. Some can bend their bodies more than others.

In a recent guest appearance with YouTube channel KBS Kpop, they brought out a measuring stick and tested who the most flexible member is once and for all. However, the biggest shocker turned out to be Chaeryeong!

Chaeryeong |

Check out how each member fared below.

1. Yuna

First up was maknae Yuna, and she easily reached 31cm. Her long arms helped a lot!

2. Lia

Next was Lia. With the tiniest bit of assistance from Ryujin, she was able to extend one arm until 30cm. Her members playfully complained that she should have used both arms.

3. Ryujin

Lia returned the favor and helped Ryujin by pressing on her back to help lower her down even more. However, she still struggled a bit as she could only stretch her arms as far as 22cm.

4. Yeji

Yeji was similar, even down to the measurement. She extended her arms 2cm less for a total of 20cm.

5. Chaeryeong

Last but not the least, Chaeryeong is flexible enough to completely raise her leg up and twist her upper body, but she surprisingly had a difficult time once she sat down.

According to the singer, she can’t stretch her arms well because her muscles contract too much. Otherwise, she’s one of the most flexible in the group!

Catch more of ITZY in the full video below.

Source: YouTube