Someone Edited Full Bangs On ITZY’s Yeji And You’ll Want Her To Try Out The Look In Real Life Stat

Fans would love to see her bangs make a comeback:

Something as simple as growing out or cutting your bangs can change your whole look. As such, K-Pop fans are often curious to see what their favorite idols would look like with or without fringe. And thanks to some fan editing, MIDZY have gotten a look at what ITZY‘s Yeji would look like with some full bangs.

Although MIDZY have seen Yeji rock a full fringe look thanks to her predebut pics…

It’s been a while since Yeji has sported this particular style! But with a little bit of editing, fans have gotten to see what she would look like with bangs now and it’s absolutely stunning!

While Yeji is absolutely gorgeous with long bangs framing her face, she looks extra sweet with the shorter look!

Since ITZY revealed they were preparing to release their 2nd mini-album “IT’z ME”, many of these edits have been resurfacing and reminding everyone just how amazing Yeji would look no matter how she styles her hair!

And it’s definitely working because many MIDZY have been falling in love with the look!

But no matter how Yeji styles her hair or whether or not she rocks fringe, Yeji always looks absolutely stunning!

Meanwhile, ITZY is scheduled to release “IT’z ME” on March 9 at 6 pm KST!