ITZY’s Yeji Blessed This Fan With An Unforgettable, One-And-Only Kind Of Birthday Gift

What a sweetheart!

At a recent fan meeting, ITZY‘s Yeji encountered a fan who was celebrating her birthday!


The fan showed up wearing a birthday cake hat and told Yeji that it is her birthday. Yeji immediately congratulated the fan for the special day…

Oh, really?!

— Yeji


… and proceeded to sing the happy birthday song, live and exclusive, just for the birthday girl!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!

— Yeji


Yeji also gestured to blow out the candles on the fan’s cake hat.


The two clapped and celebrated their very own, private birthday party.


ITZY’s fans are in love with what a sweetheart Yeji was, to bless this fan with an unforgettable memory of spending her birthday with her favorite K-Pop idol!

Watch the full clip here: