ITZY’s Yeji Looks Totally Different Before And After This One Change

She looks gorgeous both ways.

ITZY‘s Yeji is well-loved for her fierce stage presence but cute and bubbly personality off stage. She also is said to resemble the cute little dragon in How To Train Your Dragon. Fans have been realizing of late, that her makeup style has changed drastically from her pre-debut days to now!

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Yeji appeared on The Fan, prior to debut, showing off her skills as a hidden card ace trainee of JYP Entertainment. Fans noticed that her makeup there was a lot more innocent and light than what they see during recent promotions. What they realized was that with one change of her eyebrow shape, she completely turned her image around.


The key point of her makeup here is a flawless base and of course, the straight, short eyebrows favored by many Koreans.


The straight brows are practically a pillar of K-Beauty at this point, as it was popularized a few years back. While it can no longer be considered a trend per se, it is still commonly seen on the streets and on celebrities.

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Paired with long, flowy hair, Yeji looks the very picture of wide-eyed innocence! This is a stark change from her edgy looks and tight, high ponytail that she often sports during promotions with ITZY.


A step away from her straight, youthful brows, the stylists went with a fiercer look for her promotions. They changed her brow shape completely, favoring the slanted down arches that you now see on the beautiful dancer.

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Although the brows are still, by all technicalities, straight, the slant gives her a more charismatic appeal.

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We rarely see her with her hair completely down as well.


As time passed, it seems that the arches of her brows have only gotten steeper.

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Fans were discussing which look they preferred on Yeji, with many expressing that she looks more charming without the typical straight brows. While the straight brows gave her an innocent appeal, the arches made her look more unique and more like a celebrity!

Straight brows are typically applied to K-Beauty, for the fact that it can make the wearer look younger and more innocent. However, as the era and standards of beauty are slowly shifting, it seems that more and more are open to the arched or semi-arched brows that celebrities sport today.

Source: theqoo