“A True Masterpiece”: ITZY Yeji’s Favorite Korean Drama

She can’t wait for season two.

Whenever ITZY‘s Yeji has time off from her busy schedules, she sticks to a relaxing routine that includes catching up on Korean dramas.

Yeji | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

So Elle Korea magazine wondered which series recently caught Yeji’s attention. Although she’d seen “so many” of them, one stood out from the rest.

The idol shared the 2016 hit tvN series that became her favorite. Yeji said, “The one I really liked was ‘Signal.’

Yeji was such a fan that she wanted to get her hands on the show’s magical walkie-talkie to talk to the main character from the past. She said, “‘Detective Lee Jae Han!’ I’d like to call him up too.

She gave a glowing review of the series being “a true masterpiece” and cheerfully said, “I can’t wait for the second season.

If the K-Drama stood out among the many ones that Yeji watched, it’s genuinely well done.