Here’s The Impressive Length Of Time It Takes ITZY’s Yeji To Memorize Lyrics

She’s got skill!

ITZY‘s Yeji isn’t just talented at rapping, dancing, and singing but also at memorizing lyrics!

In a recent interview with Seventeen, ITZY revealed how they’ve changed over the years. One question they tackled was how long it takes them to memorize lyrics.

Yeji shared that it hasn’t changed much since their debut. Whether it was years ago or now, it only takes her a single day to finish memorizing a song’s lyrics!

Then and now, for me, you know, one day? Yeah.

— Yeji

Upon hearing that, Ryujin clarified if she really hasn’t changed since then…

And then now you’re the same?

— Ryujin

…and Yeji happily replied with, “Yeah!

Ryujin jokingly questioned why she hasn’t been improving herself and bettering her skills.

 No improvement? You just stayed in the same place, not going forward?

— Ryujin

Hilariously, Yeji and the rest simply agreed with her, saying, “Okay!

It takes Yeji one day to memorize lyrics, but how long does it take her to nail a choreography? Found out below!

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Source: YouTube


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