ITZY’s Yeji, Choi Yena & LIGHTSUM’s Sangah Wore The Same Jeans But Served Different Vibes

Several boy group idols have worn these jeans too…

Although ITZY‘s Yeji, former IZ*ONE‘s Choi Yena, and LIGHTSUM‘s Sangah all have their own unique senses of style, that doesn’t mean their outfit choices never overlap. In fact, they all recently wore the same jeans—but each star’s unique vibes still shined through.

The jeans in question were these crescent moon print jeans from Marine Serre, one of the most popular brands among K-Pop idols. Available in a variety of cuts and washes, these jeans retail for around $1,000 USD and up depending on availability.

| Marine Serre

Yeji wore the jeans for her STUDIO CHOOM performance of Bishop Briggs’s “River” in March this year. To complete the outfit, she wore a matching Marine Serre denim west worth $700 USD, $170 USD Timberland boots, and white arm warmers.

ITZY’s Yeji |

In her take on these pants, Yeji gave off an experimental vibe that suits her style as a performer perfectly. As Yeji showed off her impeccable skills as a main dancer, her outfit highlighted just how unique her talents are.


Yena wore the jeans in an Instagram update posted in July this year. She completed the outfit in all black: a simple bucket hat, high-neck short-sleeved top, and $100 USD Dr. Martens Nartilla gladiator sandals.

Former IZ*ONE’s Choi Yena | @yena.jigeumina/Instagram

In her take on these pants, Yena gave off comfortable and casual vibes that reflects her down-to-earth style. Yena also once revealed she loves giving her outfits a street fashion style with a hat—something she did here too.

| @yena.jigeumina/Instagram

Last but not least, Sangah wore the jeans for LIGHTSUM’s debut single, “Vanilla, completing her outfit with $310 USD logo trim cardigan from Alexander Wang and white boots.

LIGHTSUM’s Sangah | Cube Entertainment

In her take on these pants, Sangah looks youthful and bright—totally in line with her active and extroverted personality. The white tones also give her a cool and chic edge, which reflects her desire to be a charismatic and cool performer.

| Cube Entertainment

Interestingly, girl group idols aren’t the only ones obsessed with these Marine Serre jeans. TXT‘s Yeonjun, ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki, and TREASURE‘s Yoshi all recently wore them too.

TXT’s Yeonjun, ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki & TREASURE’s Yoshi Wore The Same Jeans But Served Different Vibes

Same Fit, Different Vibes