TXT’s Yeonjun, ENHYPEN’s Ni-Ki & TREASURE’s Yoshi Wore The Same Jeans But Served Different Vibes

With looks this good, how can we even decide who wore them best? 😍

Although TXT‘s Yeonjun, ENHYPEN‘s Ni-Ki, and TREASURE‘s Yoshi all have their own unique senses of style, that doesn’t mean their outfit choices never overlap. In fact, all three stars recently wore the same jeans—but each idol’s unique vibes still shined through.

The jeans in question were these crescent moon print jeans from Marine Serre, one of the most popular brands among K-Pop idols. Available in a variety of cuts and washes, these jeans retail for around $1,000 USD and up depending on availability.

| Marine Serre

Yeonjun donned the jeans for TXT’s Minisode 1: Blue Hour B-side track “We Lost the Summer” back in October 2020. They appeared in the music video and music show stages paired with a $450 rose-embroidered turtleneck sweater from Y/Project and black sneakers.

TXT’s Yeonjun | Big Hit Music

Yeonjun is known for serving chic vibes, and this outfit was no different. His outfit made the jeans look suave and well put-together, bordering on semi-formal.

| Big Hit Labels/YouTube

Ni-Ki wore the jeans when ENHYPEN performed BORDER: CARNIVAL B-side “Mixed Up” at the group’s comeback show in April this year, pairing them with Marine Serre’s matching crescent moon jacket ($1,150 USD) and choker ($175 USD), plus a bold print shirt and black boots.


In his outfit, Ni-Ki gave off youthful vibes with an edgy tint. The matching jeans and jacket have bright and spry energy, but the boots and shirt underneath show Ni-Ki has a cool guy aspect to him too.

| @enhypen_members/Twitter

Last but not least, Yoshi has been seen wearing the jeans a few times. He donned them at the airport in March this year along with a leather jacket and graphic tee, then again in a social media update in July, pairing them with a Metallica t-shirt and $85 cardigan from THE GREATEST.


While Yoshi’s two outfit choices were definitely quite different, the leather jacket and the metal band t-shirt give Yoshi similarly edgy, alternative vibes. That said, his down-to-earth nature is also reflected in the slouchy fit of his airport outfit and the comfortable cardigan in his Twitter photos.

| @treasuremembers/Twitter

Interestingly, boy group idols aren’t the only ones obsessed with these Marine Serre jeans. ITZY‘s Yeji, former IZ*ONE‘s Choi Yena, and LIGHTSUM‘s Sangah have all worn them too.

ITZY’s Yeji, Choi Yena & LIGHTSUM’s Sangah Wore The Same Jeans But Served Different Vibes

Same Fit, Different Vibes