ITZY’s Yeji Proves Just How Well She Knows Yuna And Leaves Yuna Shook

She knows her members so well!

ITZY‘s Yeji knows her fellow ITZY members very well, and she proved it on the set of their “LOCO” performance for Studio Choom.

ITZY’s Yeji |

While filming the “Loco” performance, someone asked Yuna how she’s changed since ITZY’s last album. Yuna responded by saying she got prettier in the time between the release of “Mafia in the Morning” and “LOCO.”


After she revealed that she thought she’d gotten prettier, Yuna asked Yeji to guess how she’d answered the question of how she’d changed since the last album.

Yeji guessed that Yuna said she had gotten taller, and Yuna said no. Then, Yuna said, “You don’t know me well.”

On her second try, Yeji correctly guessed that Yuna said she had gotten prettier, which left Yuna totally shook. She looked genuinely surprised that Yeji had guessed the right answer.

Yeji said she decided to guess that Yuna said she got taller first because she didn’t expect Yuna to talk about her own beauty. She said, “I was like, Yuna won’t say she got prettier, huh? Did Yuna say that?” As Yeji spoke, Yuna laughed and looked away. She seemed shocked that Yeji knew her so well.

After Yeji finished explaining her answers, Yuna laughed and playfully shook her. Considering how quickly Yeji guessed Yuna’s answer, she may have seen this coming, too!

See the full behind-the-scenes video below.