ITZY’s Yeji And Lia Couldn’t Agree On Anything Until They Were Asked About Unicorns

Yeji and Lia were completely in sync with their unicorn answer:

ITZY‘s Yeji and Lia may not have been completely in sync with their answers during a recent game but when it comes to unicorns, they were synchronized they couldn’t hide their adorable and excited reaction!


Recently, Yeji and Lia teamed up to play a game of rapid-fire questions with Tumblr. The rules of this game were simple — pick between two choices as quickly as possible!


While Yeji and Lia were extremely quick answering each of the questions, from their choice in title tracks to their choice of beverage, Lia and Yeji were in complete disagreement from the moment the game started!

Yeji: Tea

Lia: Coffee


As the questions were fired at them even quicker, Lia and Yeji did agree on a couple of topics but they hadn’t quite matched up 100% yet!


That is until they were asked to choose between unicorns and mermaids! No sooner had the MC asked the question, both Yeji and Lia both let out an excited “Unicorn” answer! And realizing they had both answered at the exact same time and with the exact same answer, they couldn’t hide their joy over their synchronization!

Unicorns! Oh!

— Lia and Yeji


With a little bit of unicorn magic, Lia and Yeji were able to be 100% in sync and able to bless us all with a whole lot of cuteness! See the magic below: