ITZY Completely Lost It The Moment They Caught Sight Of Captain Yeji And Her “Stubble”

Lia laughed so hard she couldn’t even speak!

ITZY‘s “Not Shy” villain version dance practice has become an iconic part of their “Not Shy” era and why wouldn’t it? The video is full of A+ content, has a wicked-good storyline, and is the place to be bewitched by ITZY’s charms as the ultimate classic villains.

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While the members were the best baddies around in their costumes, transforming into those characters came with a whole lot of laughter especially when it came to Yeji‘s transformation into Captain Yeji Sparrow à la Captain Jack Sparrow from Disney‘s Pirates of the Caribbean series.

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Taking fans behind-the-scenes of the dance practice in the fourth installment of the “Not Shy” behind series, everyone got a good look at how each of their villainous looks was put together.

As part of her costume, Yeji needed a little something extra — stubble! Since Captain Jack Sparrow had stubble of course Yeji needed some to complete her look too and this was accomplished with a little bit of mascara work!

As the light beard and mustache were put on her, Yeji began to complete her transformation into the captain.

Her transformation, however, immediately had her members losing it! As soon as they caught their first sight of her, they burst into laughter. Lia ended up laughing so hard she couldn’t even say anything…

And although Ryujin declared Yeji to be pretty with the look, even she couldn’t help cracking up at her stubbled appearance!

It turns out, however, that even after getting somewhat used to the look her members still had a hard time containing their laughter! When filming began for their grand entrance, Lia and Chaeryeong couldn’t look at Yeji just in case they suddenly burst out laughing again!

While they did manage to keep a straight face for the ultimate badass dance practice, Yeji’s stubble certainly didn’t make it easy on them! Watch ITZY completely lose it over Yeji’s costume in the behind video and check out the full villain dance practice to see their bewitching charms in action: