ITZY’s Yeji Reveals The Member Who Listens To Her “The Least”

Yeji gave a simple explanation.

In ITZY‘s recent guest appearance in Idol League, Yeji revealed the member who listens to her “the least.”

ITZY’s Yeji

The members were asked various questions during the show, and one question Yeji got asked was, “As the leader, which member doesn’t listen to you the most?

| ItzMIDZYTV 2/YouTube

Yeji ended up picking Lia!

| ItzMIDZYTV 2/YouTube

Yeji then explained that Lia doesn’t wake up no matter how hard she tries.

| ItzMIDZYTV 2/YouTube

Yeji then asked the other members if they agreed with what she said, and they had playful reactions!

| ItzMIDZYTV 2/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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