Here Are The Two Reasons Why ITZY’s Yeji Easily Passed The JYP Entertainment Audition

The staff who scouted Yeji revealed what made her stand out.

ITZY‘s Yeji was born to be a K-Pop idol! With her clean dancing and strong singing abilities, it’s hard to imagine her anywhere but the entertainment industry.

ITZY’s Yeji 

She recounted her past audition experiences and what led to her current stardom in a live broadcast. Yeji revealed that the two staff members who gave their approval chose her for different reasons.

The smaller staff member said she chose me for my unique face.

— Yeji

With Yeji’s cute visuals, we can’t help but agree that she stands out for all the best reasons!

Yeji then asked the other JYP Entertainment employee for the honest reason why she was chosen. The staff member’s reply was simple: Yeji’s dancing abilities were outstanding.

‘What made you decide to scout me?’ I asked her. ‘I scouted for your dance,’ she answered.

— Yeji

It turns out that Yeji’s audition wasn’t simple at all. After showing her prepared choreography, she had to dance on the spot several times.

‘Don’t you remember? I asked you to dance freestyle so many times. Didn’t you dance freestyle like seven times?’ She said so.

— Yeji

The ITZY leader reminisced on her audition with fondness. It may have been difficult then, but it was early proof that she’s main dancer material!

So I said, ‘Right, I remember. You did it for a purpose, right?’ Freestyle dance…I think I did it like seven or eight times. I danced so many times. She said she was excited then. I guess that’s why she asked so many times.

— Yeji

Yeji turned out to be the answer to the employee’s prayers!

I guess she thought she found someone who could dance a bit. I guess she was happy for it. ‘I found one!’ Maybe [she thought] like that.

— Yeji

Yeji Pre-Debut

Yeji auditioned for JYP Entertainment in 2016. She performed TWICE’s debut song “Like Ooh-Ahh” and made her own debut in 2019 with “DALLA DALLA.”

Source: NAVER Live


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