ITZY’s Yeji Remembered The Hard Way That Her Necklace Was Full Of Spikes

She got a big spiky surprise:

Sometimes an idols’ outfit and accessories are their worst enemies, after all, one wrong move with something like fringe and you run the risk of entanglement or smacking everyone around you! But spikes are infinitely more hazardous especially if you forget you’re wearing something extra spiky like ITZY‘s Yeji did.

In episode 49 of ITZY? ITZY!, Yeji was having some fun spinning around at the Seoul Music Awards venue. With that bit of fun, Yeji’s spiky problem was about to start in full.

Yeji was having such a blast goofing around, she ditched the spinning in favor of singing and that’s when things got intense fast! Touching her hand to her heart as she sang, she soon got a huge surprise…

A big and very spiky surprise! Yeji had completely forgotten that her necklace had four big spikes on it and she only remembered with a sharp poke from said spikes!

Oh, it hurts! It hurts!

— Yeji

Although Yeji remembered the dangers of her necklace the hard way, once she was aware of the hazardous accessory she picked up her fun right where she had left off!

I was singing and it hit me!

— Yeji

Well, at least that not-so-nice reminder didn’t stop Yeji from having fun!