ITZY’s Yeji Reveals Why She Didn’t Want To Become The Group’s Leader

Being a leader isn’t easy.

ITZY recently made their comeback with their song “Not Shy” and are receiving lots of love from fans.

Along with their music video for “Not Shy”, another video was released called “Letters to MIDZY”, where the members spoke about some of the hardships they’ve endured. During the video, Yeji shared a heartbreaking confession about her becoming the group’s leader.

| @ITZYofficial/Twitter

Yeji shared that she’s the type of person that hides their feelings, as she doesn’t want to burden others. Due to this, she often thinks to herself, “Why do I keep everything to myself? Why am I struggling alone by not expressing how I truly feel?“.

That’s why when ITZY was preparing to debut, Yeji secretly hoped that she wouldn’t become the leader of the group.

She feared that her personality would get in the way of her being a good leader.

Because I’m not blunt nor someone who can easily say what needs to be said, I felt the pressure for that and a great sense of responsibility.

— Yeji

Yeji would sometimes even cry when ITZY had group talks due to the burdens of being a leader.

However, the other members encouraged Yeji and told her that she doesn’t have to carry all the responsibility alone just because she’s the leader of the group, which Yeji was thankful for.

Source: YouTube