ITZY’s Yeji Is All Smiles As She Challenges Gyeongju World’s Most Extreme Rides

Roller coasters aren’t so bad when you don’t have a fear of heights.

In ITZY‘s latest vlog update, the members showed fans how they spend their days off. While the rest of ITZY spent time relaxing, Yeji was off to the amusement park, challenging all of the biggest rides.

Yeji spent time with her family, and they took her to Gyeongju World to have some fun.

| ITZY/YouTube

With her love for thrill rides, it’s no surprise that the ride Yeji was looking forward to most was the Draken, which boasted a 90-degree vertical drop.

Starting with a bang, the first ride she went on was the Krak, and Yeji only felt excitement towards this terrifying ride that swings its riders in all directions.

The next big attraction she went on was the drop tower, and her little foot taps in anticipation were adorable. Paired with a later shot of Lia playing with the swings, it’s hard to believe Yeji was waiting to be dropped out of the sky.

With the Megadrop being 70 meters high, Yeji’s comment on the ascension feeling like going into spiritual training is vivid. She muttered the line, “Life itself is a challenge,” turning her thrill-seeking joys into a philosophical outlook on life.

Of course, Yeji’s thirst for adventure had yet to be quenched, as the Draken had been temporarily closed for inspection earlier in the day. As soon as it reopened, she rushed to get in line, making a witty comment on how Gyeongju World’s marketing strategy was temporarily closing and reopening the famous ride.

While the rest of her family waited below, Yeji challenged the Draken. Afterward, she shared how it was the first time she rode in solemn silence as she was riding alone. Thanks to the first ride being scarier than she had thought, the Draken was quite endurable, although Yeji’s thoughts are only proof of her intense fearlessness for those who aren’t as into scary rides.

While Yeji spent her healing off day challenging speeds and heights, the rest of ITZY had a more low-tension approach to spending their free time. Either way, all the girls had a fun time destressing. You can watch what the rest of ITZY did on their day off below: