ITZY Reveal Yeji And Ryujin Are Aegyo Queens…Especially When They Want Something

Smart. Very smart!

Although ITZY‘s Yeji and Ryujin steal plenty of hearts with their incredibly fierce and intense stage presence, they’ve taken even more with their funny, sweet, and adorable personalities.


But just how adorable can they be? Well, according to their members they’re masters of aegyo whose cuteness constantly intensifies…especially when they want something!


Playing a game of superlatives with Seventeen, ITZY dished on all kinds of secrets like who’s the messiest member, who’s the best cook, and, of course, who has the best aegyo.

At first, when choosing who they thought was the master of aegyo, it seemed Yuna was the clear winner because ITZY’s maknae is definitely full of aegyo! And while almost all of the members did choose Yuna…

Chaeryeong had another pick — Yeji! As soon as Chaeryeong named Yeji, Lia knew exactly why she had picked her, and pretty soon the two were exposing Yeji’s habit of releasing her extreme cuteness whenever there’s food involved.

Yeah! When she wants something! ‘One bite please!’

— Chaeryeong

With Yeji’s secret food aegyo out in the open, Yeji decided to reveal Ryujin‘s powerful aegyo too! Together with Lia, Yeji exposed just how cute Ryujin is when she calls for her unnies.

Like, ‘Unnie~’

— Lia and Yeji

Noticing how they both release the full force of their cuteness especially when they need something, Lia couldn’t help commenting on how smart they are for doing so!

When you guys need something. Smart.

— Lia

Whether they’re aegyo pops out when they need something or they’re just being their adorable selves, Yeji and Ryujin are true queens of aegyo! Watch the adorable moment and see what else ITZY revealed in the video below: