ITZY’s Yeji Has A Small But Significant Piece Of Advice About Award Shows That Fellow K-Pop Idols Might Benefit From Knowing

She knows what she’s talking about.

ITZY never fails to impress during year-end award shows! Besides their skills, charisma, and energy, they also made jaws drop with their gorgeous visuals.

Member Yeji talked briefly about her stunning look in the third “Behind” video of their “CHESHIRE” comeback series. She peered closely at the camera after changing into her 2022 MAMA Awards outfit. The highlight here was not the clothes itself but her makeup.

Her eyes, she said, were prettier than usual because she put on colored contact lenses.

I’m wearing new lenses, and they’re pink.

— Yeji

She added a piece of advice that fellow K-Pop idols would benefit from knowing. If ever they feel shy to experiment on their style, a red carpet event or year-end award show would be one of the best venues to take the first step in. Unique outfits are more forgivable when worn in a place where fashion and making one’s mark are emphasized.

For Yeji, a simple change in eye color made a small but significant alteration to her styling.

It’s an award ceremony so you should wear lenses you never wore before.

— Yeji

She appears to be a strong believer in the power of contact lenses, wearing light colors in many previous schedules.

ITZY has even endorsed Clalen “0202” products in the past

At the end of the day, however, Yeji stated that K-Pop idols or whoever attends award shows should stick to their guts. If they feel that the contact lenses do not fit them, they should not hesitate to switch them out for a more neutral color or remove them completely.

Sometimes they don’t look good, then go back to what you used to wear.

— Yeji

Comfort is the priority, and in Yeji’s case, pink lenses were the way to go!

Check out the full vlog below to see more of ITZY’s award show content.


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