ITZY’s Yeji Has Stunned Fans With Her Surprising New Haircut

She somehow looks even more stunning!

ITZY‘s Yeji has shocked her fans with her recent Instagram upload, showing off her recent haircut.

Although she has often changed her hair color since her debut, Yeji has consistently kept her hair long.

ITZY’s Yeji |

Whether it’s a natural brown that only enhances her adorableness.


Stunning orange/red that gives TheĀ Little Mermaid vibes.


Or her iconic silver hair…

Yeji has always kept her hair long enough to put it up into her often used ponytail.

And adorable pigtails.


That work for both straightened and curled hair alike.


Her hair has even been kept long enough that she could position it into a heart shape!


So, needless to say, fans of the idol were absolutely stunned when Yeji uploaded new photos to ITZY’s Instagram, and the photos showcased a new haircut.


Yeji shocked everyone by cutting her hair to a much shorter length.


Of course, this new length looks absolutely stunning on her, making her look more mature and elegant.

And her fans are incredibly excited to see this sudden change.

And the new style even has some fans hoping to see her also dye her hair new, exciting colors.

But certainly, Yeji’s new hairstyle looks incredible, and we can’t wait to see more photos of her rocking this look.