Why ITZY’s Yeji Thinks Simplicity Is Best When Filming Choreography

Take it from a performance master.

ITZY sat down with Studio Choom to thank MIDZY with a video message after their performance of “Wannabe” hit 50 million views on the channel.

(left to right) ITZY’s Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna | @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

The video reached 50 million views in 657 days and is only the second video on Studio Choom’s YouTube channel to reach that number.

Member Chaeryeong had a hard time believing that they had achieved such a large number of views.

Ryujin talked about what led to them achieving such a number and expressed how grateful she is for the achievement.

That was our first collaboration video with Studio Choom channel. I still remember that shooting day. Many people gave interest and love so we could reach 50 million views. I was very surprised and thank you again.

— Ryujin

The group discussed the best moments from other Studio Choom performances they have filmed. With all of ITZY’s Studio Choom performances combined, the total view count comes to an impressive 250 million.

Yeji noted why she thinks these types of videos perform so well.

Since it’s a content focused on choreography. Literally, there’s nothing in the studio. There’s only lighting. That simplicity made our choreography look cooler. Their simple studio is perfect for performance contents.

— Yeji

Lia added that the camera work contributes to the high quality of the performance video.

Ryujin said that the group would like to continue to grow with Studio Choom.

Chaeryeong added that she believes ITZY could show new styles in the future.

ITZY of course thanked MIDZY for all of the support. Lia ensured fans that they would continue to work hard.

We would like to say thank you to MIDZY who supported us to make that historical record. We’ll put more effort to show various performances. It would be great if you guys keep supporting us. Thank you MIDZY.

— Lia

They also reacted to the “Wannabe” performance video and mentioned key parts, including Ryujin’s iconic shoulder dance.

Of course, they had endless compliments for each other.

Since it was filmed two years ago, the older members couldn’t help point out how young Yuna looked.

Fans seem to appreciate the effort that the girls put into each of their performances and are proud of their accomplishments.

MIDZY can be sure that ITZY will continue to show their very best performances and try new styles in the future!


Source: Studio Choom