ITZY’s Yeji Reveals Why B-Side Tracks From “Guess Who” Stood Out To Her The Most

Can you guess the songs?

ITZY‘s Yeji sat down for a live broadcast with fans right before the group’s promotions for “In the morning” (also known as “Mafia”) began. She discussed everything from dorm arrangements to her thoughts on their upcoming comeback.


When MIDZYs asked about her experience recording the album, she revealed the two songs that she remembers fondly. Their mini album, Guess Who, had six songs including the title track.

It was “SHOOT!” and “Sorry Not Sorry” that she named aloud.

Because of how quick their time in the studio was for recording both songs, they stood out to Yeji.

I had a fun time when I was recording this. All the styles for recording were different. In my memory, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and ‘SHOOT!’ recordings ended the fastest.

— Yeji 

She revealed that “Sorry Not Sorry” was actually the fastest song she recorded in her entire career so far.

‘Sorry Not Sorry’ ended the fastest. I think it ended in like 30 minutes. It was my first time that a recording ended this fast.

— Yeji

As such, she couldn’t help but say, “I really liked it.”

Yeji gave a slight spoiler to fans by praising the song up and down: “I listened to ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ and I think it came out so well.”

Fast to record and a masterpiece in the end—that’s ITZY’s B-Side tracks!

Source: Naver Live