ITZY’s Yuna Added A Wink To Her “Wannabe” Close-Up And Her Unnies Went Wild For It

The power of Yuna’s wink!

With iconic moves like Ryujin’s powerful shoulder dance and Yeji‘s fierce “la la la” move, ITZY‘s maknae decided to create her own iconic “Wannabe” move! And by creating that extra move, she had both her unnies and MIDZY going wild!

After Studio Choom dropped the video for ITZY’s “Wannabe” performance for their Be Original series, MIDZY everywhere were feeling not only the effects of ITZY’s super powerful performance but the heart-stopping effects of Yuna‘s wink!

But it turns out that MIDZY weren’t the only ones who were feeling it! Studio Choom recently dropped the behind footage from ITZY’s video filming which just so happened to include the exact moment Yuna’s unnies realized Yuna had added the wink to her close-up!

The moment they caught sight of Yuna’s heart-stopping wink, they couldn’t help voicing how they felt about her extra addition!

WOAH! When did you do that!


And after witnessing the power behind the wink, her unnies decided to try it out too, leading to some bonus winking content!

Yuna’s wink definitely holds a lot of power! Experience the full of effects of her wink as well as ITZY’s super cute reaction to it in the videos below: