ITZY’s Yuna Is An Artistic Genius — She Wields Traditional Brushes As If They’re Pencils

She has an innate talent for art.

ITZY‘s Yuna isn’t just artistic when it comes to music but art as well! Fans found out just how good she was in Codename: Secret ITZY 2.

ITZY’s Yuna
Besides playing badminton and chasing each other like zombies, ITZY was tasked with making artworks out of random materials. Lia used ripped paper and glue, Yeji used markers, Ryujin used pastels, Chaeryeong used watercolors, and Yuna had arguably one of the hardest to work with: oriental painting materials.

She didn’t need to worry, however, because it ended up being a breeze for her!

After praising Ryujin’s colorful work, the older member pointed out that hers was just as impressive.

Yuna: Wow, Ryujin’s picture is really pretty.

Ryujin: Oh! Hey, yours is nice.

Even her half-finished artwork was already stunning! It was evident that she was making a landscape painting with mountains and a road.

Her final work could only be described as “artistic.” She named the painting “Rotten Rope” in reference to the vertical line in the middle of the canvas.

I drew it because I wanted you to stay away from rotten ropes.

— Yuna

The staff were undeniably impressed as Yuna won the competition by a landslide! Their comments were full of praise for the “Rotten Rope” painting, saying, “Yuna’s drawing is so artistic,” “This makes my heart [tingle],” and “Yuna’s a golden rope.” Someone even said that it was, “A painting that would put the traditional fairytale on guard.”

We can’t deny that her interpretation and art skills were outstanding!

To see Yuna’s talent in detail, check out the full video below.