ITZY’s Yuna Shares Story Of How She Once Ate Dog Food

Yuna’s parents saw this.

In a recent episode of Knowing Bros, ITZY‘s Yuna shared a hilarious story of how she once ate dog food!

ITZY’s Yuna

When Yuna was three years old, she had a dog named No Ru.

| AGIVA/YouTube

One day when Yuna was taking care of No Ru, she saw No Ru eating its food.

| AGIVA/YouTube

Yuna thought No Ru looked really comfy, so she entered No Ru’s place, removed No Ru, and sat in No Ru’s place and began eating the dog food!

| AGIVA/YouTube

Yuna’s parents saw this, and they were extremely shocked!

| AGIVA/YouTube 

Here’s the full video below!


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