ITZY’s Yuna Just Called Herself “Barbie” Of K-Pop But No One Is Complaining

Because it’s true, obviously.

At a recent fan meeting event, ITZY‘s Yuna signed her picture and wrote in “Barbie” instead of her name. When this autographed photo was shared online, ITZY’s fans realized Yuna had just throned herself as K-Pop’s new Barbie doll – but with visuals like hers, no one is denying the newly embraced nickname!


Yuna had confidently signed “(from) – Barbie -” underneath her autograph. While her fans have long since called her a complete doll for her unparalleled visual game, Yuna had never referred to herself as Barbie before.


With the promotion of “ICY”, however, and as Yuna received more and more attention for her forever-upgrading beauty, it seems Yuna decided to claim the throne as K-Pop’s visual queen!


The fan shared online, while recalling the moment Yuna signed herself off as Barbie, that she giggled shyly after writing it down. While it was a playful move on Yuna’s side…


… fans have concluded that is, in fact, exactly what Yuna is. With a face like this, Yuna was going to take that “Barbie doll of K-Pop” title sooner or later. And it’s only more charming that Yuna knows exactly who she is!

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Here’s three minutes of our brand new beauty queen:

Source: THEQOO