ITZY’s Yuna Was Caught Red-Handed Sneaking Food When The Chef Wasn’t Looking

She couldn’t resist:

Resisting delicious foods like macarons is already hard enough as it is so when ITZY‘s Yuna was presented with some freshly made macarons, well, that temptation proved too great!

In the latest episode of Paris et ITZY, ITZY decided to take their Paris food experience to the next level by learning how to make some delicious macaron confections!

ITZY learned how to do everything from whipping the meringue to perfection to piping out their macaron shells! After making the dough, piping it, and baking them up, it was finally time for ITZY to assemble their delicious treats!

Although they were supposed to wait until the end to try their macarons, with all those delicious meringues around, the temptation to try one proved too great for Yuna who stealthily took a bite from one of her cookies.

After experiencing all that deliciousness, of course, she had to share and turning to Lia she offered up a bite!

After Lia had tasted the magic of the meringue, she gave the rest to Yuna who quickly popped the rest into her mouth. But all that deliciousness was her downfall! She couldn’t help exclaiming over how good it was which immediately alerted the chef as to what she’d been up to!

Yuna! Don’t eat it now, eat it when you are all done!

— Chef

Even if she was caught in the act of sneaking a macaron, it was worth it! Watch ITZY master the macaron below: