ITZY Yuna’s Photo With Pinocchio Proved To Be The Perfect Opportunity For Chaeryeong To Tease Her

Chaeryeong simply couldn’t resist:

With ITZY‘s trip to Paris complete and new music on the way, in a special clip Paris et ITZY clip, ITZY sat down with a suitcase full of photos and some special instructions to pick out some of their favorite pics to be included in their next album.

As they sorted through all the photos and headed straight down memory lane, Yuna pulled out a picture she had taken next to a Pinocchio statue.

While this photo along with a few more Pinocchio shots had been recently uploaded on their Instagram page with the caption, “Paris et itzy _ 1.” It turns out that might not have been the original caption, however, or at least that’s not the caption Chaeryeong would have picked out!

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Paris et itzy _ 1

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As Yuna was trying to come up with a fun caption to add to the photo, Chaeryeong knew it was the perfect opportunity to tease the maknae and threw out a few suggestions of her own.

Yuna is Pinocchio.

— Chaeryeong

With Chaeryeong handing out some hilarious caption advice, Yuna gave MIDZY an even closer look at the photo before talking a little bit about Pinocchio. But as Yuna recounted Pinocchio’s lying affliction, Chaeryeong simply couldn’t resist the temptation to tease her just a little bit more!

It’s Yuna! It suits you.

— Chaeryeong

Well, at least Yuna escaped her Pinocchio fate on Instagram!