ITZY Couldn’t Hold Back Their Tears When Yuna Revealed How Thankful She Is For Her Unnies

Yuna had everyone’s tears flowing:

When ITZY went on MBC‘s Idol Radio to have some fun and talk about their second mini-album IT’z ME, they definitely weren’t expecting to end up in tears. That, however, was exactly what happened when Yuna poured out her heart and let each one of her unnies know just how thankful she is for them.

During the program, ITZY needed to complete a task given to them by another member. For Yuna, her task was to say what she was thankful to each member for.

Although Lia had originally chosen the task for a little lighthearted fun, ITZY soon realized that they might end up in tears by the end of it all and that’s exactly what happened!

From the moment she began, Yuna poured her heart and soul into letting her unnies know exactly how much they mean to her. Starting with Ryujin, she revealed just how thankful she is to Ryujin for keeping a good atmosphere within the team when things get a little too hectic.

I’m really thankful to Ryujin unnie recently. People get sensitive when they’re busy with work. I’m thankful because she always smiles at me first and helps me with my mic. She creates a good atmosphere within the team.

— Yuna

After letting Ryujin know how much she means to her and getting the tears started, Yuna went on to thank Yeji for being an amazing leader who always listens to the members and has to ability to light up their moods.

And Yeji, she’s our leader and is in a position where she has to speaks on our behalf. Instead of being a forceful leader, she always listens to us and she’s the one who always lights up the mood.

— Yuna

As for Lia, Yuna had everyone feeling extra emotional as she expressed how grateful she is for Lia’s encouraging words and her belief in Yuna’s abilities.

Lia is my roommate and things could get uncomfortable, like if someone was talking on the phone while the other is about to sleep, but it’s not like that with Lia. Lia also really believes in people. Whenever I make a mistake and there are other people around she won’t say anything to protect my self-esteem. She often gives me encouraging words and says she believes in me. I’m so thankful for that.

— Yuna

With all the unnies already grabbing the tissues, Yuna had them grabbing a few more as she thanked Chaeryeong for always being there for her and making sure that she doesn’t feel alone.

Chaeryeong unnie and I have good chemistry. She always reacts well even if I’m embarrassed, jokes with me, and hangs out with me so that I’m not alone. The unnies are in pairs of the same age and I’m the maknae alone but she always approaches me first. If not for her, I would have spent a lot of time alone. I’m always thankful to her.

— Yuna

Yuna’s words not only deeply touched her members’ hearts but everyone listening too. Even the MCs were close to tears by the time Yuna had finished showing her unnies lots of love! You can watch the heartfelt moment for yourself around the 58-minute and 48-second mark below. But be warned, you’re definitely going to need some tissues!