ITZY Could Not Keep It Together When Yuna Explained The Story Behind Her English Name

They were hit with a serious case of the giggles:

After finishing up their US showcase tour “ITZY? ITZY!”, ITZY sat down with Lai Frances from BUILD to talk all about their tour experiences, future music plans, and more.


Among all the topics they discussed, there was one in particular that Lai couldn’t wait to talk about — ITZY’s English names. Or more specifically, the story behind Yuna‘s very unique name!

And Yuna, this is the cherry on top. This is the question I’ve always wanted to ask. So I know that all of you have English names. Lia is Julia, Yeji is Lucy, Chaeryeong you’re Judy. Which by the way is not a grandmother’s name! Ryujin you are Joanne. But Yuna, my dear Yuna. Can you explain the story behind your English name? Hussey. It’s not José. It’s Hussey.

— Lai Frances


As Yuna launched into her explanation that her English name “Hussey” was chosen because of her love for the actress Olivia Hussey who portrayed Juliet in the 1968 “Romeo & Juliet” film with all the full sass and confidence of the one and only Yuna…

Yeah! Um, because Olivia Hussey is an actress that I like so I wanted my English… Hey! Why are you laughing?

— Yuna


Chaeryeong just couldn’t handle it and burst into laughter! As Chaeryeong lost it, Yeji and Lia weren’t far behind, cracking up just as hard as Chaeryeong!


After getting the giggles out of the way, Yuna picked up her story once again and with an extra dash of sass revealed even more reasons why she chose the name.

Please listen to me! So I wanted my English name to be Hussey and the pronunciation ‘Huh-say’ sounded good. Yeah! So that’s why I chose this name. Hussey.

— Yuna


Of course, that extra sassiness didn’t help Chaeryeong and her case of the giggles at all!

That’s good on you.

— Chaeryeong


As ITZY once more couldn’t keep it together thanks to Yuna’s story and all her sassy-confidence, they simply couldn’t help repeating Yuna’s name a few more times!


Make sure you check out all the hilarity and sass below: