ITZY’s Yuna Was So Gorgeous In Recent KCON Appearance, It Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List To See Her Live

We can’t look away!

ITZY‘s Yuna is being praised once again for her stunning real life visuals!

ITZY’s Yuna 

The JYP Entertainment girl group recently greeted fans in Los Angeles, United States, during their “Fan Square” session at KCON 2022. Though every member killed it on stage, Yuna trended online for being particularly memorable.

Needless to say, she looked just as pretty in real life as expected!

Some nicknames given to her that day were “goddess,” “queen” and more.

Yuna has been known for her beauty ever since ITZY debuted in 2019 with “DALLA DALLA.” As the years passed by, this reputation hasn’t gone away one bit.

| @JavaInJuly/Twitter

From the videos uploaded by MIDZYs, it was obvious that even just viewing her from afar was enough.

There was no doubt that her smile lit up the room no matter where she went.

Besides her appearance, she also impressed fans all over with her energy and charisma.

Some were originally focused on other members but she managed to grab their attention at least once.

Yuna was a born performer and she came to serve!

Check out other moments she stunned everyone with her visuals below.

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