ITZY’s Yuna Was Immediately Suspicious Of Her Portrait When The Camera Crew Burst Into Laughter

Yuna didn’t know what to expect after hearing their laughter:

Getting your portrait drawn on the streets of Paris sounds like an absolutely magical experience. You can take in the sights, do a little people watching, and get an awesome souvenir out of it too! So when ITZY‘s Yuna and Yeji found themselves at the Place du Tertre in the latest episode of Paris et ITZY they knew they just had to try the experience for themselves!


Sitting down with two different artists using different mediums, Yeji and Yuna got comfortable while they waited for the artists to work their magic!


As Yeji remained cool and comfortable as she and her portrait mesmerized a whole crowd of onlookers who began gathering all around…


Yuna was getting a little nervous. Scratch that, very nervous! Why? Because her crowd of onlookers, aka the staff and camera crew, suddenly burst into laughter as Yuna was getting her portrait drawn!

Why are you all laughing?

— Yuna


With her suspicions about her portrait suddenly raised, Yuna called across to Yeji to see how everything was going before expressing her doubts about her own picture. Although Yeji tried to give Yuna a little pick-me-up by telling her it’s probably because she’s so pretty, Yuna wasn’t so sure.

Me, either. But it looks like people are laughing at my painting…

— Yuna


When it was finally time for them to see the finished pieces of art, Yeji was incredibly excited to see Yuna’s portrait but as she unrolled the picture she couldn’t help bursting into laughter too! While the picture was definitely pretty, Yeji was having a very hard time seeing Yuna in the drawing!

Can I see first? Can I? I’m opening it! This doesn’t look like you! Awesome. Let me compare this with your face. This is not her.

— Yeji


Even if the picture was Yuna and yet not Yuna at the same time, luckily, she still enjoyed everything about her new portrait!


Watch Yeji and Yuna’s portrait session as well as more of their adventures in Paris below: