ITZY’s Live Broadcast Editor Couldn’t Handle The Cuteness That Was Yuna

Yuna’s adorableness was just too much for the editor’s heart:

As the maknae of the group, ITZY‘s Yuna is often in charge of adding an extra dose of cute to their live broadcasts and she always delivers! While MIDZY are used to getting attacked by so much cuteness every single time, the editor of ITZY’s latest live was definitely not prepared!

During a recent live, ITZY played the word chain game but before that, they talked Yuna into doing her legendary “make a curry” dance.

Starting with the original version, Yuna danced her way straight into the editor’s heart! The editor simply couldn’t handle all that cuteness!

Cute! I know how the elder members feel. My cheeks are now higher than Mt. Everest… It’s now a tourist attraction.

— Editor

But Yuna wasn’t done playing with the editor’s heart! Switching to a swag version…

Yuna had the editor feeling dizzy with all her adorable swag!

— Editor

She’s the best idol singer. Her facial expressions full of swag makes me feel dizzy!

— Editor

There’s no doubt that Yuna’s adorable maknae charms have thoroughly stolen the heart of the broadcast editor! Yuna wasn’t the only member that had the editor going into full fan mode, however, so check out all the love they sent ITZY in the video below!