ITZY’s Yuna Noticed That International Fans Keep Saying One Thing About Her

She knows what you’ve been talking about!

ITZY‘s Yuna has been monitoring what international fans have been saying about her, and she noticed one specific detail that kept coming up!

In a recent interview with Seventeen, ITZY revealed how they’ve have changed since debut.

For one question, they were asked about foreign fans, and Yuna shared her impression of them. She noticed that they enjoy crazy and fun interactions more than Korean fans do.

Oh, MIDZY! I think they love crazy things, funny things or kind of natural things.

— Yuna

More than anything, a topic that international fans never fail to bring up is her confidence! Yuna explained, “They always talk about my confidence.”

Her members immediately agreed, insisting that it’s an undeniable fact.

It’s true! Because you’re full of confidence.


Yuna, however, wasn’t sure if fans were thinking of it in a positive light. She hesitantly asked her members, “In a good way?

They assured her that fans praise—not diss—her because of her confidence. She smiled and thanked them.

Yuna’s unrivaled confidence truly is something special and admirable that she should be proud of!

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Source: YouTube