ITZY Were Positive Yuna Forgot The Name Of Their Song Thanks To One Single Mistake

Her unnies were sure she had forgotten!

After wrapping up their time in Paris, ITZY were given one final Paris et ITZY mission. Given a suitcase full of photos from their trip, they were tasked with picking out some of their all-time favorites to be included in their next album.


With so many fantastic pictures to choose from, the task certainly wasn’t easy but after looking at each one, they each selected a few to include. And with their photos selected, it was time to reveal why they had chosen these particular pics.

The moment Yuna started describing her pictures, however, things didn’t go quite as smoothly as she hoped. As she presented her first photo, she and Chaeryeong playfully argued over who really took the photo.

But things really started to go wrong when she presented her second! As Yuna tried explaining what was going on in the picture she accidentally let slip that they were dancing “ICY that I’m ICY” in front of the Louvre.

This is ‘ICY that I’m ICY.’ We danced ‘ICY that I’m ICY’ in front of the Louvre.

— Yuna

Sounding so confident with her explanation, Yuna totally missed her mistake but her unnies sure didn’t! While Yeji and Chaeryeong silently cracked up together, Lia was ready to set things straight with Yuna — the song’s name was “ICY” not “ICY that I’m ICY!”

You know what? The title is ‘ICY’ not ‘ I see that I’m Icy!’

— Lia

As Lia sounded off on their song name, Yuna quickly jumped in to defend herself. She didn’t forget the song’s name, she was simply pointing out that they were dancing to the “I see that I’m ICY” part of the song.

I did it because we were singing the ‘I see that I’m ICY’ part!

— Yuna

Even with Yuna’s explanation, Lia still had her suspicions that their maknae forgot the name of their own song but she decided to let it go…at least this time!