ITZY’s Yuna And Ryujin Were Total Opposites When They Listened To “Dalla Dalla” For The First Time

Ryujin was surprised when she saw Yuna’s reaction.

In a recent episode of 2TZY: Hello 2021, ITZY‘s Ryujin and Yuna spoke about their reactions when they listened to their debut song “Dalla Dalla” for the first time.

ITZY’s Ryujin
ITZY’s Yuna

In the episode, the two mentioned how they have completely different personalities.

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Specifically, Yuna tends to assume the best-case scenario, while Ryujin tends to assume the worst-case scenario. When Ryujin first listened to “Dalla Dalla,” she didn’t know if the song was good or bad. She had many thoughts in her head, such as, “It’s catchy, but it’s possible it might not be a hit.”

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On the other hand, Yuna loved “Dalla Dalla” when she first heard it and even told Ryujin, “Isn’t the song so good. I think we’ll hit the jackpot.”

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When Ryujin saw how positive Yuna was, she was surprised.

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Yuna then laughingly admitted that she might not have put much thought into her opinion when she said this about “Dalla Dalla.”

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When Yuna and Ryujin saw how different their opinions were about “Dalla Dalla,” they realized just how different their personalities are.

| ITZY/YouTube

In the end, Yuna was correct, as “Dalla Dalla” went on to break several records!

Here’s the full video below!


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