ITZY’s Yuna And Yeji Sat A Little Too Far Apart From Each Other—And They Rushed To Clarify Any “Misunderstandings”

They’re the funniest! 😂

ITZY had a busy day when they shot their commercial for Maybelline a few months back. They documented their schedule in episode 77 of ITZY? ITZY!

Here, the weather was Yuna‘s worst enemy. When she was outside, she had to stop filming because it was too cold…

…and when she went back inside the building, it was too hot.

It was here when Yuna and Yeji had a hilarious moment that could lead to misunderstandings! Despite it being just the two of them in the corner, they were two chairs apart.

| ITZY/YouTube

Ryujin noticed this and asked, “Why are you guys sitting like that?”

Yeji rushed to explain that it was because of the heat, saying, “[Yuna] rushed there because it was too hot.” She asked the maknae, “Did we look too cold?” She wondered, amused, if they did not appear to be on good terms.

Of course, the two were as close as usual! They even sang together while waiting, leading Yeji to comment, “Then we’re warm-hearted.”

We love their friendship! Check out the full video below for more ITZY moments.

Source: YouTube