IU Elaborately Fooled Everybody as Her Alter Ego “UI” in Her Recent YouTube Video

She even moved her cheek freckle to the other side of her face.

IU recently uploaded a YouTube video documenting a test drive shortly after getting her driver’s license, but it all turned out to be an elaborate April Fool’s joke.

In her video, IU drove with her father sitting right beside her and casually chatted about her journey to being licensed while spending some quality father-daughter time.

While wearing a face mask and matching white gloves, IU made all sorts of cute remarks about being a new driver.

I finally got my license after 28 years. The process really hurt my pride. Since I’m still a new driver, I can’t turn on the air conditioner by myself.

– IU

She even gained sympathy from fellow drivers by expressing her oncoming road rage.

Driving makes me angry more often. The roads are hectic. This is no fun.

– IU

But the entire video turned out to be fake.

IU turned out to be in the passenger seat with a fake steering wheel and flipped the camera around to fool her beloved fans on YouTube.



As if this wasn’t shocking enough, she even showed behind the scenes footage of her changing the position of her freckle to completely fool her subscribers.

While she completed her April Fool’s transformation, she gave herself a new name, “UI”.

I prepared this for my subscribers. My name is now UI.

– IU

Props to IU, or more like “UI” for her elaborate April Fool’s joke!

No one saw that one coming.

Source: Dispatch