IU Asked Her Dad What He Would Do When She Gets Married, And His Honest Answer Is Definitely Not What You’d Expect

IU’s father really didn’t hold back in answering, huh?

It goes without saying that popular singer IU has a loving and close relationship with her family, especially with her father.

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After all, since they’re composed of her parents and her younger brother, it makes sense for her to be a daddy’s girl.

Being her dad’s favorite daughter — since she’s the only one — we may not know how he exactly feel about IU being the ideal type of a lot of famous K-Pop celebrities such as BTS‘s Jungkook and actor Yoo Seung Ho, among others…

But today, because IU asked her father herself about his opinion on his daughter possibly typing the knot in the future, we’ll get a glimpse of his honest opinion.

During her personal Q&A section for her father, IU directly asked him this:



Daddy, how did you (or would you) feel when I get married?

– IU, to her father

When talking about marriage, IU has once stated that she doesn’t really have a fixed age when she wanted to get married.

For IU, she wants to get married young, while she is at the height of her beauty and popularity.

She also stated that when she gets married, she plans to retire in order to focus more on her marriage and to work on being a good wife.

It seems like IU is really going to be dedicated to her future life partner…

…is this perhaps the reason why her father answered her question like this, then?

I don’t want to receive the congratulations and blessings… TT__TT

– IU’s dad

It seems like it’s really difficult for him to let go of his one and only daughter, that’s why he answered this way — complete with a crying emoji, too.

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