IU’s On-Screen Father from “You Are the Best” Reveals a Long Text Message That IU Sent Him

They’ve kept in touch since the 2013 drama, “You Are the Best”.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Happy Together 4, Jung Dong Hwan, who played a general manager on tvN’s Hotel Del Luna, spoke up about his long relationship with IU.

Jung Dong Hwan started off by explaining that due to his close relationship with IU, he didn’t even read the script when he was offered a role in Hotel Del Luna.

When I was busy with my plays, I got an offer for a role in Hotel Del Luna. As soon as I heard IU was in it, I accepted without even reading the script.

– Jung Dong Hwan

According to the veteran actor, the two first met on the drama, You Are The Best in 2013, and they have been maintaining their friendship ever since.

She sent me a gift for every holiday. So I sent her tickets to my musical. That’s how we became friends.

– Jung Dong Hwan

But what surprised Jung Dong Hwan was that IU would send her a long text following the play with an explanation of how she felt about the performance.

Whenever she sees my play, she sends me her thoughts over text. Most average people don’t really like my plays, but from what I heard from IU, I’m glad I made her watch.

– Jung Dong Hwan

Jung Dong Hwan proceeded to reveal one of the texts that IU sent him and it reads as follows:

I really liked your play today, ‘Sunbae’. I talked for a very long time with my manager about your play, and now I’m finally home. I’m obsessed with things like that these days. The meaning of life, what I’m waiting for as I live life, and there are times when I just feel like I’m killing time. I’m glad I was able to see that play at a time like this. When there was only sand in the pack that Lucky was carrying, I felt sad and empty inside. That was a chilling performance. Thank you, ‘Sunbae’. You were amazing today.

– IU

Jung Dong Hwan praised IU for sending a text that not many young people are capable of sending and repeated that she was the reason why he took on the role in Hotel Del Luna.

Source: Dispatch