IU’s Biggest Insecurity When She Was Younger Is Now A Thing Of The Past—Here’s Why

She’s changed!

IU has noticed many changes about herself through the years, and there’s one in particular that stood out to her the most. It used to be her biggest insecurity, but now it’s a thing of the past!

In an interview with ELLE KOREA, IU talked about the physical changes that have been happening to her as a result of aging. According to the singer, the biggest difference is in how she no longer has puffy cheeks. Her fuller cheeks used to be a complex of hers that she agonized over.

As I turn 30 next year, I think a lot of changes have happened. First of all, I no longer have puffy cheeks. When I was younger, only my body would lose weight no matter what I did, and my face would still be chubby. It was a complex of mine.

— IU

IU expressed shock at the fact that her cheeks do not gain weight now even if her body does. It made her see that she really is changing.

But wow! My cheeks no longer gain weight. Even though my body gains weight, I think I’ve reached that age where I don’t gain weight on my face. Like wow, I’m really changing.

— IU

There are times when she likes the changes that have been happening and times when she doesn’t. At the the end of the day, however, she likes to think of them in a positive light. She is experiencing a new chapter in her life, and she simply wants to enjoy it.

Sometimes I like it and other times I don’t. Given my overall status, these changes have been fun. As the boredom and helplessness I felt in my late 20s are slowly relieved, I feel like I’m in a new chapter of my life. I’m going to enjoy it and do my best to learn more about myself.

— IU

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Source: YouTube


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