IU’s Bodyguard Spotted Fixing Her Flower Crown in the Most Caring Way

He’s stern yet caring.

IU recently held her “Love Poem” fan meeting at Yeongeungpo Times Square, Seoul where she chatted with fans and offered all sorts of fan service.

But what stole the spotlight was IU’s bodyguard who was spotted taking good care of her like a father.

Regardless of whether her hair would get messed up, IU willingly put on all the crowns and hair accessories that fans brought for her.

Since she didn’t have a mirror, there were times when IU put it on improperly, but that’s where her bodyguard came in.

He subtly fixed her headpieces in a caring way that made all fans’ hearts flutter.

He was even spotted tying up the ribbon of a flower crown so that it could stay in place.

The fact that such a big and scary man took care of IU in such a caring way is gaining attention among fans.

Check out the full footage below:

Source: Insight